Sin Bonete

Sizes: NPS ¼-4 (DN 8-100)

ASME classes: 1690-4500


Forged, one-piece y-pattern, oblique, vertical and angle valves for high pressure applications. Available in globe (needle and stop) and piston check (designed with screwed-in seat) valve types


  • One-piece forging with integral body-bonnet design
  • In-line repairable
  • Rotating/rising stem available in XB series


Y-pattern globe valves


  • Non-rotating stem on y-pattern globe valves
  • Fully guided, non-spinning, CoCr alloy disc
  • Available in: forged carbon steel, stainless, alloy (including F91 and F92), and nickel alloy steels
  • Available with bellows seal
  • For nuclear and NACE (sour gas) services